Kids Offered Free STEM, Spanish, and College Prep Virtual Tutoring From Sí Se Puede Foundation

By Alicia Barrón

April 6, 2020

“Everyone should have access to the best help and opportunities, and money should not get in the way.”

Millions of parents all over the world are expected to wear their kid’s teachers hat during the quarantine. Many are worried about their children falling behind on schoolwork now that they don’t have to physically go to school every day. Here’s how and where to get the help the entire family needs.

Alberto Esparza, the founder, and CEO of Sí Se Puede Foundation announced via Twitter, that free virtual lessons on specific courses as well as tutoring are now accessible online.

The Sí Se Puede Foundation is a youth-based program that uses educational programming and community activities to focus on school and community risk factors that may lead to negative behaviors in youth.

Karime Rosas, the foundation’s vice president of STEM Diversity, told The Copper Courier that their non-profit offers a variety of free after-school programs on a regular basis. Although the foundation is STEM-focused, they also offer soccer and dance programs. 

Until recently, the organization hosted robotics community teams from Chandler every Saturday at Hartford Elementary School. Their high school robots teams, Degrees of Freedom and Binary Bots, regularly met in a space made available by Live Love.

“However, due to COVID-19, we are unable to host our regular events,” Rosas explained. “Putting the safety of our students and volunteers first, we have canceled several events since early March.” 

Instead of canceling tutoring altogether, the foundation’s leaders chose to see the situation as a great opportunity for them to start offering virtual tutoring — at no cost. 

She explains, “Many of our kids are now adapting to online instruction from their schools and we want to help them navigate that.” 

Plus, Rosas said this is the time of year their high school seniors need to prepare to go to college, while the junior class needs to start studying for the SAT’s. 

Photo courtesy of Kagen Photography and Sí Se Puede Foundation.

“There is a world of subjects they may need help with and we want to be there for them,” Rosas added. “We believe everyone should have access to the best help and opportunities, and money should not get in the way.”  

Rosas said the Sí Se Puede Foundation would love to reach more students. The group hopes to grow their workshops on several platforms as the word spreads.  

In the meantime, they plan to continue advertising on their social media channels. Anyone interested in their free virtual tutoring is encouraged to send the Si Se Puede Foundation a message via their Facebook page

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