Arizona Gives Day Hopes to Raise Millions for Nonprofits Hit By Coronavirus

By Jessica Swarner

April 7, 2020

Nearly 1,000 nonprofits are signed up for Tuesday’s fundraiser.

Nonprofits across Arizona are facing staggering losses of income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 24, nonprofits in the state reported a total loss of close to $37 million. 

“We’re experiencing decreases in income … but what also happens in the nonprofit sector is you see an increase in demand for services,” Jennifer Purcell, director of community engagement for the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, told The Copper Courier on Monday. Nonprofits impacted by coronavirus also expected to see a 19% increase in expenses due in part to the higher demand, according to Purcell’s group.

But Tuesday, which is Arizona Gives Day, offers those groups a chance to make up for the gaps. 

Purcell said 983 nonprofits have signed up for this year’s 24-hour fundraiser. Similar to restaurants and other businesses, many have had to lay off or furlough staff, while others have said they may have to permanently shut down. 

“What we need is for nonprofits to continue to sustain themselves through this time so they can then help those who are in the most need,” Purcell said. “If they’re not able to sustain their services and the work that they’re doing, then they’re not going to be able to help others who need that help right now.” 

Anyone can search the group’s database for participating nonprofits and give directly to them. People can also pledge volunteer hours that they will complete once social distancing guidelines are lifted and operations return to normal. 

The alliance also offers a fund specifically for coronavirus relief. Donors can either give directly to the fund or tack on some extra money for it when completing a regular donation. The money collected for coronavirus relief will be equally distributed among participating nonprofits. 

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While it’s helpful to donate on any day, Arizona Gives Day offers nonprofits the chance to win prizes based on the amount of funds they raise on Tuesday. There are 104 opportunities for groups to win portions of the $193,500 available for prize money. 

Last year, the fundraiser raised a total of $3.6 million for Arizona nonprofits. As of Tuesday morning, donations had already topped $2.1 million, while the coronavirus relief fund was above $63,000. 

“It’s always our goal to raise more money than the previous year, but we rely on tens of thousands of people to do that and everyone is in a different position to do that so we never know,” Purcell said. 

“We ask people to give what they feel they can right now,” she added.

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  • Jessica Swarner

    Jessica Swarner is the community editor for The Copper Courier. She is an ASU alumna and previously worked at KTAR News 92.3 FM in Phoenix.

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