Lucha Libre Wrestlers Are Making Masks To Prevent Coronavirus. They’re Amazing.

By Marcelo Baez

April 28, 2020

Some of them might still be “rudos,” the “bad guys” in lucha libre parlance, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be crafty, which is why some luchadores are now selling a different type of mask.

Like all sports, Mexican wrestling has been placed in the backburner ever since the government ordered all non-essential businesses to close by the end of March. 

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More so than ticket sales, selling merchandise can be the biggest lifeline for a luchador, or anyone who’s involved in the business. That’s why some costume shops are now making wrestler-themed face masks. 

El Hijo del Soberano told ESPN that, after having an economically hard week, his wife suggested the face mask idea: “We made some, but using the material we had for the costumes. We use the lycra and the fabrics that are used in the wrestling suits. They have double stitching.”

The shop is selling the masks for $150 pesos, which is around $6 dollars, and they’re styles cover all the classics, such as Santo and Blue Demon-themed marks.

After initially only making them for his family, El Gato Gris, a retired luchador from Puebla, is even taking custom orders. 

As of April 23rd, Mexico has reported over 11,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Hugo López-Gatell, Mexico’s secretary of health, recently announced that the country would be under quarantine until June 1st.

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