Cartoon: ‘If Only There Was Something We Could’ve Done To Prevent This…’

By Sean Galvin

July 21, 2020

Governor Doug Ducey has pushed inconsistent messaging throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Ducey has made repeated blunders, from initially refusing to instate a mask requirement to re-opening too soon and allowing dining-in at restaurants. Now Arizona is paying the price and experiencing a massive outbreak of the virus.

As more Arizona residents continue to be infected, it’s important to remember that much of this was entirely preventable. Instead of aligning himself with President Trump, Ducey could have taken steps ensuring the safety of the state’s residents.

Now, state politicians and residents alike are voicing their frustrations with the Governor’s handling of COVID-19.

This comic depicts Ducey’s unwillingness and inability to take ownership of his mistakes, even as the cases skyrocket.

Next Comic: “Everything’s Fine, Trust Me!”

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