Prop 207 Just Got Its Most Important Endorsement Yet: Dolores Huerta

Photo courtesy of Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing

By Alicia Barrón

October 29, 2020

After over 50 years of activism, Dolores Huerta is still fighting for issues that she cares about.

Civil rights and labor leader Dolores Huerta found her calling as an organizer while serving in the Stockton Community Service Organization in California. That’s where she founded the Agricultural Workers Association, setting up voter registration drives and pressing local governments for barrio improvements, according to the foundation set up in her name. 

Then in 1955 she met César Chávez, and the two soon found that they shared a common vision of organizing farm workers. Dolores and Chavez did just that in the spring of 1962 after resigning from the CSO, and starting the National Farm Workers Association. 

Over 50 years later, Dolores is still fighting for issues that she cares about and remains active and engaged in the current political landscape. 

Photo courtesy of Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing

Prop 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act would legalize and tax recreational marijuana. 

Dolores is quoted as saying: “Legalization will bring economic development and much needed criminal justice reform. Black and brown people disproportionately receive harsher punishments and this will break that trend. A yes vote on prop 207 will make our communities safe for everyone and create economic opportunity.”

As The Copper Courier reported, Dolores endorsed Joe Biden back in May, saying she doesn’t think Latinos will have to pressure him on immigration reform. “We’re not taking any vote for granted. We have to compete for Latino voters.” 

Dolores first endorsed Kamala Harris when the senator was still running for president. Her support was considered significant in the early stages of the 2020 campaign, according to POLITICO

“I have spent my career advocating for workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and on behalf of the LBGTQ community because I believe our country is only as great as the opportunities we afford all our communities,” Huerta said in a statement. “Senator Kamala Harris is the right leader to expand those opportunities as president, and I am proud to endorse her.”

Huerta also praised Harris, whom she’s supported in the past, for fighting on behalf of and giving a voice to the vulnerable—and singled out her work on criminal justice reform and for immigrants, ranging “from creating innovative programs to helping first-time offenders get education and job training to avoid recidivism, to demanding that California and our country protect immigrant communities and afford them the opportunity to fully contribute to the country they love.”

Photo courtesy of Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing

It’s no secret the Latinx voting block in Arizona will be a big deciding factor in this presidential election. Dolores is doing her part to make sure that the community she’s worked her entire life to support makes its voice heard by voting this election cycle. 

In 2012 Dolores was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama.

At 90 years old, she continues to work tirelessly––developing leaders and advocating for the working poor, women, and children. Before the pandemic, she was also on the speaker circuit where she regularly addressed students and other organizations about social justice and public policy.


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