Arizona Votes: Charles Brown

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Charles Brown walked into the early voting place, and his wife Megan, a tradition they feel began when they started dating in 2012.

Together they walked in to drop off their ballot, finding security in dropping it off themselves.

“I guess Donald Trump was successful in making me paranoid about mailing it,” said Charles, as he mentioned the reason to drop off in person his mail-in ballot.

“I vote because I want my voice to be heard,” said Charles, “and my own voice represents people who think like me,” he added when he shared the way he voted in this 2020 election.

With several props on the ballot, Charles shared that his only split decision with his wife was regarding Prop. 208, the Invest in Education Act, feeling insecure about the percentage of funds “reaching the classrooms.”

For Arizona elections, Charles feels more could have been done to share information widely to help the community understand and feel more secure about the ballot’s propositions and encourage the community to vote.

“We got one responsibility as citizens,” Charles said about voting, “showing up to vote isn’t asking too much.”

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