Arizona Votes: Kyle Mitchell

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Kyle Mitchell voted early in what he calls “the biggest election of our time.”

Kyle feels his vote will bring a voice to the Navajo, indigenous communities living in the valley, and the veteran community—groups he often thinks are invisible in national conversations.

One race he is watching closely is the Arizona Senate run, considering the Navajo Nation’s natural resources.

“Senators McCain and Kyl tried aggressively to take the water rights from the Navajo,” he recalled, “and to know it was possible, it worries me it can continue to be a topic of discussion.”

Protection of sacred spaces and nature, as well as the pandemic impact on the Navajo Nation, are issues Kyle believes have activated his community, “every time there may be a threat, we show up,” he said, hoping Arizona turns blue in this election.

This election “will impact everyone,” he said. He mentioned his own son would be affected by the education bill, one he is not entirely sure is the best option but understands the need.

“As we vote, we have to think of those outside our circles.”

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