Here’s Where You Can Buy Recreational Weed in Arizona

Jake Hines/Copper Courier

By Bree Burkitt

February 5, 2021

Dozens of dispensaries have already been approved to sell recreational marijuana with more expected in the coming weeks.

Graphic by Morgaine Ford-Workman

Adults age 21 and over can officially buy recreational weed from dispensaries across the state.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has already approved dozens of dispensaries that once only sold medicinal to expand their sales to both. More dispensaries are expected to start sales in the coming weeks as they get approved. 

Plus, additional dispensaries will open later through “social equity” licenses for communities historically disenfranchised by marijuana laws.

To make shopping easier, we’ve assembled a map of all the Arizona dispensaries currently selling recreational marijuana. We’ll update the map as more locations start sales.


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