We Asked, You Answered: The Six Best Taco Spots in Arizona

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By Copper Courier Staff

September 8, 2023

Arizonans know a thing or two about tacos – so we asked our readers to share their favorite spots from every corner of the state. Here’s where they sent us.

Tacos are as quintessentially Arizona as chimichangas or fry bread. There may not be such a thing as a bad taco, but some are definitely better than others. And if you’re new to the area, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

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Thankfully, Copper Courier readers know the best spot – even if they don’t all agree on exactly what that is. This summer, our readers recommended dozens of taco joints from every corner of the state. Here are the most frequently-mentioned stops in each region: 

West Valley: Popo’s Mexican Food

Where: 17037 N. 59th Ave. (Glendale)

What to order: Fish Taco Platter

Yelp review: “I couldn’t ask for a better taco.” –Delilah L.

East Valley: Backyard Taco


Courtesy/Backyard Taco

Where: Locations in Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa

What to order: Carne Asada Tacos

Yelp review: “The meat is grilled right behind the counter over an open charcoal flame and it’s great!” –Madison M.

Central Phoenix: Taco Boys

Where: 620 E Roosevelt St.

What to order: Pastor Tacos

Yelp review: “TACOOOOO BOY THAT WAS GOOD.” –Ever S.

North Phoenix: Modern Margarita


Courtesy/Modern Margarita

Where: 5410 E High St. 

What to order: Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos

Yelp review: “Neighborhood spot not to be missed.” –Greeshma R.

Tucson: Casa Rivera

Where: 1975 W American Ave (Oracle)

What to order: Ground Beef Taco

Yelp review: “I literally can taste the love in this food.” –Shana M.

Yuma: The Chile Pepper

Where: 1030 W 24th St.

What to order: Shredded Beef Rolled Tacos with Cheese & Guacamole

Yelp review: “This place has been around for nearly four and one-half decades and is still serving quality Mexican food. So, get yourself in there and try their award-winning combinations and many tasty treats. Check it out now!” –Tone M.


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