Jade & Clover: Check Out This Blooming Terrarium Bar Experience in Phoenix

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

By Analisa Valdez

September 12, 2023

Jade & Clover is the perfect spot to check out for dates, parties, or just individuals who want to learn more about desert vegetation.

Not facing much luck growing and nursing your house plants to bloom? Need a new potted green friend to lighten up your living space? Or simply want to check out a cozy, cacti greenhouse that’s part boutique? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should swing by Central Phoenix’s Jade & Clover Plant Bar. 

Giselle Ruggeberg opened the first Jade & Clover in Dallas in 2016. The company expanded into Phoenix in 2021, and, according to its website, has plans to open a location in Nashville soon.   

With flora hanging from the walls and ceiling along with sparkling string and artistic decor, the Phoenix location of Jade & Clover is an aesthetically pleasing house plant haven and local business boutique. On one side of the beautiful store are shelves of glass cases, multi-colored clay pots, and various terrarium domes to select as the base of the Plant Bar creation. 

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

After choosing a container, you fill it with dirt or colorful sand before placing the succulents. The selection of plants includes echeverias, string-of-pearls, agave, aloes, cactus, and houseleeks ranging from $5 to $15, and some smaller “Sad Girl Succulents” for $1. There are even faux-succulents for people without a green thumb. 

After filling your pot and choosing your new succulents, you can pick and choose from the free or extra add-ons to place inside the terrarium. My friend and I chose tiny ducks, a mini-mirrorball, and a small cowboy hat to place among the rocks, pebbles, and gemstones along the base of the plants, but there are several pressed flowers, glitter, crystal towers, mushrooms, and many other tiny decorations to use. 


Aside from the Plant Bar is the rest of the greenery shop. In the back is a section dedicated to proper house plant care and nourishment. With start-up seedlings for lavender, chili peppers, peppermint, cherry tomatoes, and parsley beside clay sprinklers, enriching soil, and animal cut-outs you can place on plants for decoration, guests can find everything they need to start their very own home garden or collection of house plants. And along the boutique side of the store, guests can peruse through unique puzzles, bong-shaped candles, retro skates, DIY terrarium kits, and a bunch of other cute knick-knacks and house decorations. 

Overall, Jade & Clover is the perfect spot to check out for dates, parties, or just individuals who want to learn more about desert vegetation in the cutest store surrounded in lush greenery. And be sure to ask about the BYOP special where guests can bring in their own pot for terrarium building, or about reserving the private back room for group events.

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