Ever wanted to name a snowplow? ADOT has a contest just for you.

Arizona Department of Transportation snowplow

The Arizona Department of Transportation is running a second annual Name-a-Snowplow Contest. (Photo courtesy of the Arizona Department of Transportation)

By Robert Gundran

January 19, 2024

Last year’s winners were “Alice Scooper,” “Snowguaro,” and “Frost Responder.”

Break out your favorite snow-related puns and flex those dad-joke muscles because the Arizona Department of Transportation is asking for the public’s help to name three snowplows in its fleet.

The Name-a-Snowplow Contest is back for the second year in a row. There’s no limit to the amount of names you can submit, and you can include your email address so ADOT can contact you if your submission wins.

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Name submissions will remain open until Jan. 25. From there ADOT will review all the submissions and select 10-15 finalists. Then the public will vote on their favorite names from those finalists.

The three names with the most votes win the contest, and those names will be plastered onto the sides of snowplows.

ADOT said nearly 5,000 names were sent in and 7,000 votes were cast last year.


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  • Robert Gundran

    Robert Gundran grew up in the Southwest, spending equal time in the Valley and Southern California throughout his life. He graduated from Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2018 and wrote for The Arizona Republic and The Orange County Register.



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