Bees, bats, & beyond: How to celebrate National Pollinator Week in Arizona

Arizona pollinators

A bumblebee collects flower nectar (Shutterstock Photo/ArtEvent ET)

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June 6, 2024

The month-long event aims to shine a spotlight on the state’s diverse range of pollinators, including over 1,300 species of native bees, numerous insect species, and various bird species like hummingbirds, verdins, and orioles.

Pollinators play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystems, participating in the production of one-third of the food we eat, along with aiding in the health of wildlife and water resources. Birds, bats, and several insect species contribute to the pollination process by moving from flower to flower which assists in the reproduction of plant species. These often misunderstood—and undervalued—creatures form a vital part of Arizona’s unique ecological fabric.


How you can participate

Despite their importance, pollinators face several threats such as climate change, habitat loss, and invasive species. Arizonans can contribute to their protection by creating pollinator-friendly environments in their yards, implementing organic gardening practices, and reducing light pollution. The public is also encouraged to plant diverse native flowers and provide water and shelter to these creatures.

Citizens can also participate in local events during National Pollinator Month, educate others about how they can lend a hand, and share important information on social media. For those interested in experiencing pollinator habitats first-hand, visits to hummingbird gardens and Monarch Waystations in Arizona’s State Parks are recommended.

To learn more about how to support these essential creatures, check out these detailed resources on Arizona Pollinators provided by Arizona State Parks!


Here are just a few of the events happening across the state this National Pollinator Month:


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