These are the Arizona state legislators who played a role in the movement to overthrow US democracy.

The Copper Courier identified Arizona’s state representatives and senators who helped shape the culture and heightened the tensions that led to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, which led to five deaths, hundreds of arrests, and the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

More than two months after the insurrection, these lawmakers still hold their elected position and have not been held accountable for their actions despite repeated calls for some to be disciplined or expelled from the legislature.

Their roles in the insurrection movement range from one lawmaker —Rep. Mark Finchem—attending the event outside the US Capitol to dozens of others repeatedly perpetuating conspiracies about election fraud. Every person highlighted signed a letter asking Congress to ignore the will of Arizona voters and instead accept “alternate” votes for Trump, who lost the election by more than 10,000 votes in the state. Some even attempted to justify the actions of the Capitol rioters on social media. 

Many of these Arizona lawmakers also have a history of concerning behavior throughout their legislative careers, including making voting more difficult and pushing far-right policies to restrict the rights of Arizonans. 

The insurrection just brought them into the spotlight. 

They are the ones crafting the laws that impact the state every day, pushing legislation that would cement the mission of the insurrection into state law. Some are still questioning the results of the 2020 election despite no evidence of fraud in Arizona or across the country. Many have pushed for legislation that would make voting harder for Arizonans, citing the same election fraud theories that contributed to the insurrection.

The Copper Courier reached out to each lawmaker highlighted with questions about their role in the insurrection. Only one responded.

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