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Secretary Hobbs will be a steady hand who can guide our state toward opportunities for everyone she represents.

Out of the two candidates running for governor, only one has a vision for Arizona that is based on truth and unmatched experience. 

As a proven leader, Katie Hobbs recognizes great ideas come from diverse resources and collaborations. She has proven herself to be a strong leader who embraces Arizona’s bright future and refutes today’s hostile political landscape.

During the last election season, she proved her willingness and courage to defend the constitution of our democracy, by standing up for what is decent, in order, and lawful—all while she, her children, and her husband were enduring constant attacks and threats of physical harm.

A History of Strong Governance

As an effective state legislator and minority leader, she showed her strength in governance, and as secretary of state, she modernized the office, fixed broken systems, and battled misinformation and negativity. Secretary Hobbs will remove the barriers to opportunity and build a diverse administration that better reflects the people it will serve.

Secretary Katie Hobbs is the only candidate in this race with a comprehensive vision for justice and inclusivity, and for making Arizona’s government work better for all of us. 

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She will unleash an economy that works for every Arizonan, and further open the doors of opportunity for women and people of color by creating an equal playing field. She will fight to protect and expand our fundamental freedoms.

This includes reducing maternal mortality and mass incarceration. Secretary Hobbs understands fighting for justice isn’t one-dimensional—her plans highlight and address many other issues, such as education, water, and voting rights to name a few.

Real Plans for an Equitable Arizona

The impact of her commitment to communities would make our state more accountable and opportunities more equitable. Katie Hobbs was born and raised in Arizona. She went to school here, and so did her children. She understands the challenges of our neglected school system and recognizes the long-term threat to our workforce.

As the only candidate in this race who has a real plan to address the needs of students, parents, and teachers, she values the unlimited potential of the next generation of leaders educated right here at home. Secretary Hobbs has consistently fought for the necessary investments in our education system.

We applaud her plan to give teachers an average $14,000 pay raise. This will pave the way to create the army of educators we need to make Arizona schools the envy of the entire country. 

Serious Solutions, Not Divisive Dogma

Secretary Hobbs will be a steady hand who can guide our state toward opportunities for everyone she represents. Her opponent Kari Lake lacks the experience and relative skills for this job. Lake is dangerous and should not be our next governor. The rights and freedoms that our state enjoys are under attack by Lake and her supporters. 

Lake has made election denial the centerpiece of her campaign, a lie she uses to justify taking away access to the ballot for many Arizonans. Lake also proclaims she is “100%” against abortion rights.

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She supports and celebrates a Civil War-era Arizona abortion law that can be used to throw doctors in jail. She also stated she would sign a carbon copy of Texas’s abortion bill, which does not include exceptions for rape or incest. This bill intends to turn everyday people into bounty hunters tracking down women who have had abortions. 

Integrity Matters

We support Secretary Katie Hobbs for governor because she believes Arizona should be the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family. We trust she is committed to putting all of Arizona first.

Hobbs has published a commitment to inclusivity, justice, education, election integrity, and economic development on her website. In her own words: “Election Integrity—I’m excited to introduce a plan that builds on the work we’ve already been doing to protect the freedom to vote. Despite ongoing threats, I’m more focused and determined than ever to work tirelessly on behalf of Arizonans to uphold the Constitution and stand up for the freedom to vote—the bedrock principle of our democracy.”

An Economic Plan Made for Small Business Owners

Arizona’s small businesses have not had a clear line of communication with officials at the top of government to ensure they are getting the support they need. Every day small businesses will have a direct line to Governor Hobbs through the formation of a Small Business Council, which will bring together small-business owners, advocacy groups, and top government officials so that we can ensure the best ideas to help small businesses thrive are implemented. 

The choice is clear. Join us in supporting Secretary Katie Hobbs’s vision for Arizona. Vote Katie Hobbs for governor on Nov. 8, 2022. 

Co-signed by:

Warren Hall

Eric D. Kemp

Melanie Bernard

Van Braswell

Dr. Brian K. Johnson

Tonya  Norwood

Dr. Sonja Robinson

Sandra Bassett

Mel Hannah

Matthew Stewart

Brenda Norwood

Michael Williams

Melissa Cotton

John Clayton

Donna Williams Esq.

Michael & Carol Berry

Wesley Leasy

Joe Delgardo

Bishop Anthony Holt

Dr. Robert Sherman

Clarence Boykins

Pastor Aubrey Barwell

Pastor Glenn Dinnard

Pastor Cemie Clayton

Dr. Brian Johnson

Joe Delgardo

Charles Fanniel

Minister Ben Coleman

Bishop Harvey Young

Felton King

Roy Hadnot

Danny  White

Bishop Eric Minta

Councilman Bryon Kilgore

Dr. Ricardo Guthrie

Robbin Coulon Esq. 

Gene Blue

Janelle Wood

Jesse Ary

Wesley Leasy

Jennifer Davis Paige

Sharon Jaycox

Tracy Hannah

Councilman OD Harris

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