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What Arizona Has Gotten Out Of Biden’s Infrastructure Law (So Far)

In Arizona, 250 infrastructure projects have been announced so far, and more are in the works. Here’s a look at the work that’s being done in the Grand Canyon State and how it helps Arizonans.

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How to Contact Your Representatives in the Arizona and US Legislature

Here are the best ways to contact your elected representatives and senators in the Arizona Legislature in addition to your US Congress members.

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Rep. Gallego Announces Bid for Sinema’s Arizona Senate Seat

"I'm better for this job than Kyrsten Sinema because I haven’t forgotten where I came from."

Can You Tell Which of These Arizona Town Names Are Real?
Quiz: Can You Tell Which of These Arizona Town Names Are Real?

Let's be honest: Arizona has some strange town names. Let's see how well you know them.

Quiz: How Much Arizona History Do You Really Know?

Arizona has a rich history. Let's find out how much of it you know with our quiz.

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6 Long-Weekend Staycation Destinations in Arizona

These historic mountain villages, lakefront playgrounds, nostalgia-filled Route 66 communities, and verdant winelands offer the perfect respite from your daily routine.

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9 Luxury Resort Spas in Arizona

Whether you need a day or pampering or a weeklong respite from the everyday demands of work and home, these nine spas, each with their own serene ambiance and indulgent treatment options, are some of the best in the Grand Canyon State.