a large yellow-green caterpillar perched on top of two hands
High Monsoon Activity Leads to More Caterpillars in Arizona

There are more caterpillars in Arizona than in years past because of the increased rainfall this monsoon season.

Union Membership in Arizona Is the Highest It’s Been in a Decade. It’s Still Not Enough.

As union membership continues to grow in Arizona, union leadership is concerned that low wages will lead skilled labor to move elsewhere for a better paycheck.

school vouchers
School Vouchers Under Scrutiny, Sacred Lands Blasted for Border Wall: Here’s Your News Today

Find out what's happening from Arizona's northern canyons to its southern border.

Hundreds of Arizonans Have Lost Homes Over Debts As Small As $16, Report Says

Arizona is one of 13 states where homeowners can lose all of their home equity over tax debt, no matter how small, according to AARP.

border wall
The Bloated Military Budget Is Turning Into the Bloated Border Wall Budget

The money would be taken from funds budgeted for aircraft, vehicle upgrades and supporting the National Guard and reserves.

Broadband In Arizona’s Rural Areas Could Soon Get A Boost Thanks To The USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $1.6 million in a project to provide more than 1,400 rural Arizonans with high-speed broadband access.

Tribal Communities May Finally Get Access To High-Speed Internet

The FCC and Arizona Indigenous communities are working to bridge the digital divide in Indian Country.