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Black Communities Will Be Disproportionately Affected If States Have to Ration Coronavirus Care

The effects of environmental, economic, and political discrimination have left African Americans with higher risks of chronic conditions, moving them further down the list of priority patients.

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Coronavirus Is Hitting Black and Brown Communities the Hardest

Although anyone can contract COVID-19, the virus devastates the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized and communities of color in larger numbers. 

Jeff Golner (right), the CEO/President of STEM Sports, said his lesson plans are being used by parents and children in 47 states across the country. He’s combined education with physical activity during the school shutdown, ensuring children remain active and healthy. (Credit/STEM Sports)
Phoenix Pediatrician: Kids Need an Hour of Physical Activity a Day While in Quarantine

Pediatrician Kevin Berger said it’s important to push a daily schedule that incorporates mental exercise and healthy habits for a child’s mind and body.

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Trump Doesn’t Think There’s A Medical Supply Shortage. These Hospitals Beg to Differ.

An internal government report released Monday contradicts President Trump’s assessment that hospital administrators are “thrilled to be where they are.”

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Online Grocery Shopping Is Only Available to Food Stamp Recipients in Six States

"Every time I go out, I put myself at risk — and other people."

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Coronavirus Is Making Life Especially Dangerous for Domestic Violence Survivors

Financial stress and dwindling social networks add to challenges domestic violence survivors may encounter when trying to find a safe space.

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Navy Captain Fired After Pleading for Help With Ship’s Growing Coronavirus Outbreak

Videos posted on social media Friday morning show sailors sending the captain off with cheers.