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Joe Biden Demands Justice for George Floyd, Calls on Americans to Root Out Structural Racism

“The original sin of this country still stains our nation today, and sometimes, we manage to overlook it. We just push forward with a thousand other tasks in our daily life. But it’s always there."

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McSally Didn’t Want To Send Millions in Federal Aid To Small-Town Arizona. They Got It Anyway.

The aid was dispersed weeks after Arizona’s junior senator said local governments would be seen as “cash cows” for accepting relief funds.

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Elections Official Says Arizona Can Handle Increase of Mail-In Ballots

While some states are warning of delays in elections results, Arizona expects to see them come in faster this year.

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WATCH: Arizona Mayors Urge McSally to Support Pandemic Relief for Cities

The Senator suggested smaller cities rely on trickle-down from larger municipalities who qualify for coronavirus relief.

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Phoenix School Board Candidate Drops Out After Wrongly Accusing Student of Being Westgate Shooter

A Phoenix school board candidate who publicly misidentified the gunman in last week's Westgate Entertainment District shooting has dropped out of the race.

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Arizona Senate Adjourns Without Taking Up Coronavirus Bills

The Arizona Senate abruptly adjourned for the year on Tuesday, effectively killing nearly 30 House-approved bills that were scheduled for a vote.

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Biden Aims to Move Left Without Abandoning Centrist Roots As He Leads Arizona

Joe Biden is leading the polls in Arizona as he balances his centrist roots with a push to move further left on certain issues, including healthcare.