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Need a Refreshing Drink to Cool You Off? Try One of These Eight Great Margaritas in Phoenix.

Treat your taste buds to a tequila-infused cocktail and embrace Phoenix's unofficial slogan: "we salt our margaritas, not our roads.”

Arizona Is Home to More Than 100 Vineyards. Think You Can Visit Them All?

Arizona isn’t just hot sauce and water parks—the Grand Canyon State is also home to over 100 vineyards.

Cha-Ching: Suns’ Playoff Run Boost For Local Businesses, City Image

NBA Finals winner or loser—and sometimes both— often outperform the national average in year-over-year Gross Domestic Product growth.

Page Mayor Navajo Nation
He Said What? Page Mayor Apologizes For Making Insensitive Comment About Navajo Nation

Page Mayor Levi Tappan is facing backlash for saying, “I wish he would battle alcoholism as hard as COVID19.”

Arizona beer pandemic
Thousands of Beer Kegs Dumped in Arizona Due to Lower Demand During Pandemic

An Arizona beer distributor is dumping thousands of kegs of beer that never went to restaurants or spring training games for consumption.

school vouchers
School Vouchers Under Scrutiny, Sacred Lands Blasted for Border Wall: Here’s Your News Today

Find out what's happening from Arizona's northern canyons to its southern border.