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Speaker of the House Ben Toma speaking on the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives at the Arizona State Capitol building. Toma is also the chair of the Study Committee on Empowerment Scholarship AccountsGovernance and Oversight. Photo by Gage Skidmore.
After a Rocky Start, Arizona’s School Voucher Oversight Committee Meets This Week

The committee was established in May, but vacant seats and rescheduled meetings have delayed its first hearing. It has until Dec. 31 to release a report on the state's voucher program.

Travis Long/The News & Observer
‘Legalizing Rocket Launchers’: A Look Back at Arizona Republicans’ Gun Reform Efforts

Laws passed by Republicans in the legislature—and vetoed by Gov. Hobbs—would have made what happened in August at the University of North Carolina more likely to happen in Arizona.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.
Here’s a Handy Tool for Understanding Arizona State Politics

Progress Arizona’s annual legislative Scorecard is one of the best resources for quickly understanding how lawmakers spent their time at the Capitol.

wendy rogers
VIDEO: Saudi Farm Gets a Pass in Republican Proposal to Limit Foreign Land Leases

Sens. Wendy Rogers and Anthony Kern introduced bills this year they said would address a land lease the state made with a Saudia Arabian-based company that grants them unlimited access to groundwater in La Paz County.

Fake Elector Proponent Appointed to Arizona State Legislature

If Bolick runs to keep her seat in 2024, she will face a tough challenge from Democratic Rep. Judy Schwiebert, who has already served in the state legislature for several years.

Andy Biggs
Gilbert Congressman Calls For ‘War’ After Trump’s Latest Criminal Charges Become Public

Rep. Andy Biggs said that the charges filed against Trump for hoarding classified documents after his presidency initiated a "war phase," but did not offer specifics as to what that meant.

Photo by Morgan Fischer | The Copper Courier
10 Controversial Bills Just Passed By Arizona Republicans

The bills include another attempt to ban abortion outright, as well as efforts to ban certain books in schools and a proposal to criminalize homelessness.