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Arizona State University (Unsplash Photo/Ameer Basheer)
Planning for the Future: The 25 Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees in Arizona

Here are the 25 most popular undergraduate degree programs in Arizona.

Shady Park and Mirabella at ASU (Photos by Alyssa Bickle and Wright On Communications)
Shady Park Reaches Agreement with Mirabella—But Only the Music Venue Has to Take Action

Shady Park and Mirabella at ASU came to a resolution in their yearlong lawsuit following the implementation of enhanced noise-reducing measures by Shady Park. 

(Shutterstock Photo)
Meals on Wheels, ASU Study How Pets Affect Social Isolation, Loneliness Among Older Adults

Meals on Wheels America and Arizona State University are partnering on a study of the effect pets have on social isolation and loneliness.

strips of metal piled up
Yuma Company Working to Perfect Complicated Process of Recycling Solar Panels

We Recycle Solar in Yuma is repurposing, reusing and recycling the growing supply of solar panels that have passed their expected lifespan of 30 years.

masked student bikes past ASU sign
Arizona’s Public Universities Lift Mask Requirements Under New CDC Guidelines

The University of Arizona will lift its indoor mask requirement beginning March 21, following similar moves by Arizona’s other two public universities.

Jamal Brooks-Hawkins and Alexia Roberts
Black ASU Students Speak About the Barriers They’ve Faced and How to Improve Representation

The Copper Courier spoke with three Black students about what they’ve accomplished, as well as how they’ve been negatively impacted because of their race. 

ASU Police Chief Testifies Against Republican Proposal to Allow Concealed Weapons on Campus

The proposed law would allow anybody with a conceal carry permit to have a gun on Arizona’s college campuses.