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legislative session
GOP Proposes Ending Legislative Session Early to Avoid Bipartisanship

The decision of two state senators to skip the rest of the legislative session amid coronavirus fears puts the GOP majority in jeopardy.

Nearly 7,000 Teacher Positions Are Unfilled in Arizona. Here’s One Plan to Change That.

Arizona universities want to increase enrollment in the Arizona Teachers Academy, a program developed to address to the state's massive teacher shortage.

‘More Broken Promises’: Arizona Reps Blast Trump’s Budget Cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, And Medicare

Arizona Democrats are criticizing President Donald Trump’s 2021 budget proposal that includes billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare.

border wall
The Bloated Military Budget Is Turning Into the Bloated Border Wall Budget

The money would be taken from funds budgeted for aircraft, vehicle upgrades and supporting the National Guard and reserves.

Educators to Ducey: Your Math Doesn’t Add Up

The Governor promised a 20% raise for all teachers by 2020, but educators say it hasn't happened.