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People gather in an empty lot near the Human Services Campus in downtown Phoenix.
Phoenix Is Turning Parking Spaces Into Full-Blown Shelters for City’s Unhoused

Some of Phoenix's most vulnerable are being tasked with an impossible decision: risk contracting COVID, or expose themselves to the harsh summer weather?

Hotels and Parking Lots: How Phoenix is Handling Homelessness During a Pandemic

Downtown’s latest living space isn’t high-end condos or luxury apartments - it’s an encampment space for Phoenicians experiencing homelessness.

patient dumping
Hospitals Often Send Homeless Patients Back Onto Streets. This Project Aims to Stop That.

A new project aims to help Phoenix-area hospitals avoid "patient dumping" by providing somewhere for them to go when their treatment is over.

Arizona homeless students
Arizona One Of 11 States To See Decrease In Homeless Students

Arizona saw a small decrease in its number of homeless students over two school years, according to a recently released report.

No Help: Frustration Builds Among Phoenix’s Unsheltered Residents

Maricopa County conducted its annual survey of homeless residents this week in an attempt to find ways to better help those in need.