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Brenda Barton, a candidate running for the Legislative District 6, has incorrectly stated on her website that she is endorsed by the Arizona Nurses Association.
GOP Candidates Are Losing the Support of Healthcare Workers

Republican opposition to the recommendations of medical experts during the coronavirus pandemic is costing them the support of healthcare workers.

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This Lawmaker Voted to Protect His Business From COVID Liabilities — Then His Employee Caught It

Rep. Jeff Weninger voted in favor of a bill that would have protected him from legal action if someone caught the coronavirus at one of his restaurants.

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The Backlash to Rep. Blackman’s Attacks on George Floyd Is Growing

Prominent justice reform groups have cut ties with Rep.Walt Blackman over his vocal opinion of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

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Arizona Senate Adjourns Without Taking Up Coronavirus Bills

The Arizona Senate abruptly adjourned for the year on Tuesday, effectively killing nearly 30 House-approved bills that were scheduled for a vote.

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Coronavirus Has Revealed How Split Arizona’s GOP Actually Is

After a decade of total control at the Capitol, in-fighting between Republican leadership is exposing divisions within the party.

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GOP Proposes Ending Legislative Session Early to Avoid Bipartisanship

The decision of two state senators to skip the rest of the legislative session amid coronavirus fears puts the GOP majority in jeopardy.

Arizona Taxpayers Are About to Pay For Out-Of-State Charter Schools

A bill on its way to Gov. Ducey’s desk would allow some of the state’s $110 million school voucher money be spent at charter schools beyond state lines.