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legislative session
GOP Proposes Ending Legislative Session Early to Avoid Bipartisanship

The decision of two state senators to skip the rest of the legislative session amid coronavirus fears puts the GOP majority in jeopardy.

Arizona Taxpayers Are About to Pay For Out-Of-State Charter Schools

A bill on its way to Gov. Ducey’s desk would allow some of the state’s $110 million school voucher money be spent at charter schools beyond state lines.

More Shelter Beds in Phoenix and Trans Ban Moves Ahead: Your News Today

Phoenix tackles homelessness; Ducey takes on patrols at the border; and trans ban approved by state House. It's news you can use.

McSally Ties Her Success to Trump’s as Polling Numbers Plummet

Mark Kelly makes gains in Senate race, sacred site desecrated by border wall construction, and list of ethics complaints at state Capitol grows: it's news you can use.

GOP Boss Clears Room Instead of Listening to Concerns About Racism of Proposal

Activists were removed from the Capitol after speaking against a resolution that they claim allows racial profiling among law enforcement.

pre-existing conditions
These Lawmakers Want Insurers to Charge People With Pre-existing Conditions Whatever They Want

A law meant to protect pre-existing conditions has no limits on what insurance companies can charge for pre-existing coverage.

These Groups Headed To The Capitol To Fight Anti-Immigrant & Voter Suppression Laws

Whatever happens here, we’re going to win at the ballot box.” Here’s what happened during Thursday’s legislation committee hearings at the State Capitol.