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Five Things to Expect From the Arizona Legislature This Year

Republicans have rejected calls to raise the state's unemployment benefits above $240 per week while demanding COVID liability protection for businesses.

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Trump’s Certified Loss Sends Arizona GOP Into Disarray

Trump loyalists are attacking Arizona's Republican governor for refusing to throw out the election results.

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Giuliani Tests Positive for COVID After Spending Days With State Republicans

The Arizona Legislature announced Sunday that it would close for a week out of an abundance of caution "for recent cases and concerns relating to COVID-19.”

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Black Arizonans Say More Diverse Leadership Has Been a Long Time Coming

Maricopa County not only shifted blue in the 2020 presidential and Senate elections, but it is also edged toward a more diverse leadership.

Photo courtesy of Christine Marsh Facebook campaign page
Christine Marsh: Waiting on Ballots Is Like the Last Mile of a Marathon

The Arizona Teacher of the Year said they focused on positive, hopeful messaging and didn’t get caught up in the negativity.

Photo courtesy Christine Marsh Teacher of the Year YouTube video
This Teacher of the Year Is on the Ballot and Ready to Fight 

Christine Marsh has made education one of the key issues of her campaign—and her students are lining up to help her win.

Rep. Raquel Terán
Fourth Arizona Lawmaker Tests Positive for COVID-19

Another Arizona legislator, Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, is recovering from the virus after being put on a ventilator.