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COVID Cases Are Rising Across Arizona. Yet Rep. Bolick Still Opposes Mail-In Voting.

Bolick has joined a task force that aims to purge voter rolls and stop ballots from being automatically mailed to voters.

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Voters in Maricopa County Can Cast Their Ballot at Any Polling Place This Fall

151 polling locations throughout Maricopa County will be converted into locations where any registered voter can go and cast their ballot.

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Lawsuit Accuses Arizona’s Absentee Ballot Laws of Disenfranchisement

Elections officials say lawmakers like Rep. Shawnna Bolick have spread information about mail-in voting that is, "inaccurate and often misleading."

Maricopa County election
How Maricopa County Could Change The August Primary Election

Election officials in Maricopa County are proposing to open 75 to 100 “vote centers” where registered voters can cast ballots over a two-week period.

Latino Non-Voters Change Their Minds For 2020
Why Non-Registered Latinos Are Taking the Necessary Steps to Vote in 2020

Fueled by the president’s anti-Latino stance, they are taking the steps to make their voices heard in November.

Voter bill
This Bill Is One Step Closer to Allowing Law Enforcement at Voter Polling Locations

Despite opposition from voting advocates and state agencies, including the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, the bill passed along party lines.

Arizona Voters Now Have More Voting Locations for the Presidential Preference Election. Here’s Why

In 2016, voters had access to 60 voting locations during the Presidential Preference Election. For 2020, they’ll have access to 229.