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A woman was driving when she hit a bag. She picked it up thinking it was just trash, but then discovered it was filled with cash.

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. — A Caroline County family stumbled upon almost a million dollars in cash while taking an afternoon drive last weekend.

Emily Schantz was driving when she hit a bag on Broad Street. The family thought it was trash and put it and a similar bag they found about 15 feet away in their pick-up truck to dispose of it. 

Then they discovered the bag was filled with cash. Almost one million dollars worth.

“There were plastic baggies and they were addressed with something that said ‘cash vault,’” Schantz said in an interview with WTVR.  The family called Caroline County authorities right away after they made their discovery.

While the situation is currently under investigation, WTVR reports authorities believe the bags belonged to the Post Office and the money was on it’s way to a bank. But how the money ended up on the side of the road still remains a mystery. 

As for the Schantz family, they offered this advice to anyone else who finds a million dollars in the road: “Do the right thing and return it,” Emily Schantz said.

Maj. Scott Moser of the Caroline County Deputies paid the family a visit on Monday. 

“For someone so honest and willing to give that almost a million dollars back, it’s exceptional on their part,” said Moser. “Their two sons were there, so I put the [squad car] lights on for them, but we are proud and they represented this county well by being so honest.”

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