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It pays to be a white man—literally. Here’s what women make, on average, compared to white men—for the same job

Women of retirement age are also facing significant inequity issues. Statistically, women live longer than men—which means they’ll need more savings in general to support themselves, but also to afford health care and basic assistance as they age. Even so, white men over age 65 have an annual income of $44,200—while white women bring in about $23,000, Black women about $21,900, and Latina women $14,800. 

Looking for ways to end this inequity?

Normalize talking about pay. 
Your employer cannot prevent you from talking about your wages or working conditions—even if they have a policy about it. Just don’t use work equipment (like computers or a company phone) to do it. Check the National Labor Relations Board website if you have questions.

Research and ask for what you deserve. Here are resources that can help:


If you’re an employer or manager: 

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