Arizona Attorney General Under Fire for Impeachment Letter Fiasco

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By Brandy Rae Ramirez

January 23, 2020

Here’s what happened after Mark Brnovich’s letter surfaced.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is facing backlash after a letter he wrote to Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally surfaced Wednesday. In the letter, Brnovich urges both Senators to reject the two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

“These articles represent a threat to the separation of governmental powers that our Founding Fathers embedded in our Nation’s Constitution,” Brnovich wrote. “To protect our democracy and separation of governmental powers that is central to our freedoms, you and your colleagues must vote to reject the theories underlying the articles of impeachment against President Trump.”

For some Arizonans, Brnovich seems to be blurring the lines when it comes to separation of governmental powers in his request. In an Arizona Republic editorial, columnist Elvia Diaz questioned Brnovich’s actions. She pointed out that the Republican-controlled Senate has shown no desire to conduct a trial based on the merits of the case anyway, making his letter irrelevant.

“What’s Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich up to meddling with President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial?” asked Arizona Republic columnist Elvia Diaz. “This has nothing to do with providing the two Arizona senators with sound legal advice and everything to do with capitalizing it.”

In addition to Diaz, Arizonans throughout the state took to social media to express their frustration with Brnovich’s actions:

Thus far, Sinema and Mcsally remain loyal to their respective parties, as their votes in the Senate’s impeachment trial these week indicate. Other than that, both are staying quiet on their positions both in public and on social media. Copper Courier reached out to Sinema for comment on the letter; however, her staff reiterated Sinema’s original message on the impeachment hearing.

“Today, my Senate colleagues and I will swear to ‘do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws,” Sinema said in her message. “The Senate has a job to do that demands our serious, careful consideration of the facts – free from partisanship or political soundbites.”

McSally, an avid and vocal Trump supporter, has not released public comment on the impeachment, nor how she will address the Attorney General’s letter. Recently, she came under fire when she called a CNN reporter a “liberal hack” after he asked her to comment on the impeachment trial.




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