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Arizonans reopen economy
More Than 50% of Arizonans Feel It’s Too Soon to Reopen Economy

While some Arizonans are ready to reopen the economy during the pandemic, a new poll and several business owners feel it's too soon.

Arizona cities reopening COVID-19
PHOTOS: What Reopening Looked Like In Arizona Cities This Weekend

With some people practicing social distancing and others not as the economy reopens, only time will tell the impact on COVID-19 spread in Arizona.

COVID-19 Arizona reopen
As Business Resumes And COVID-19 Cases Surpass 13K, How Will Arizonans Come Together to Stay Safe?

Arizona continues to reopen, but experts say people must be responsible as they resume activities or “we’re going to end up back in the same place.”

COVID-19 Arizona
486 New Cases, 30 New Deaths, And Inmate Positive Cases Double: Where Arizona Stands With COVID-19 Today

Arizona continues to see a rise in cases Thursday, with 486 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 30 new deaths.

Gov. Ducey reopen COVID-19
Gov. Ducey Gives Green Light to Reopen Economy Despite 440 New COVID-19 Cases And 32 Deaths Today

COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to spike; however, the governor claims cases are down as the economy reopens.

Arizona reopen COVID-19
Arizona Reopens Salons, Barbershops, And Retailers As COVID-19 Deaths And Cases Spike

Arizona just had the highest jump in deaths and has surpassed 10,000 cases as salons, barbers, and retailers reopen in the state.

Luke Air Force Flyover
Did You See It? Luke Air Force Base Honors Frontline Workers With Flyover

On Friday, at about 3:10 p.m., Luke Air Force Base and the Air National Guard 161st honored the COVID-19 frontline workers with a special flyover.