Gov. Ducey Issues Stay-At-Home Order Effective Tuesday at 5 p.m.


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, with Michael T. McGuire, Adjutant General for Arizona and Director of the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs holds a press conference to update Arizona's preparedness for COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak at the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory Wednesday, March 25, 2020 in Phoenix. (Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via AP, Pool)

By Brandy Rae Ramirez

March 30, 2020

The executive order comes the same day Arizona mayors sent a letter to the Governor, urging him to sign an order.

Effective this Tuesday at 5 p.m, Arizona residents must stay at home with few exceptions, Gov. Doug Ducey announced in an executive order. 

His announcement comes on the same day Arizona mayors sent a letter to Gov. Ducey, urging him to take more aggressive action on social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

As of Monday morning, there are now 1,157 confirmed cases spread throughout every Arizona county; 20 Arizonans have died.

In the letter, the mayors state, “In acknowledgement of recent empirical findings that support social distancing as an effective mechanism by which to slow the spread of COVID-19, we as mayors representing millions of vulnerable Arizonans fervently urge Governor Ducey to issue a Stay-At-Home order for the state.”

The letter also stated that Arizona must not squander the opportunity to learn from the unfolding events in other states and immediately formalize a statewide Stay-At-Home order to ensure that the state pursues every avenue to flatten the coronavirus curve. 

The mayors emphasized that 28 other states have already officially urged everyone to stay home. They also warned that the continual increase of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths “serve as a stark indicator of what is to come if we do not take action now.” 

“Throughout our State’s history, Arizonans have stepped up to help one another through difficult times,” the letter said. “We cannot emphasize enough that staying home is one of the best ways to continue that tradition. All Arizonans must help stop the spread by modeling social responsibility and caution for our communities.”

According to the Governor’s office, the latest executive order follows new guidance from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and comes at the recommendation of public health officials.

“Keeping Arizonans safe and healthy as we slow the spread of COVID-19 remains our top priority,” said Governor Ducey. “Arizona citizens and businesses are already responsibly responding to this crisis.”

Ducey added that this order builds on the state’s efforts to protect public health by reminding Arizonans to maintain healthy habits and find other ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones while spending time at home. 

“Slowing the spread of COVID-19 will ensure we build capacity in our healthcare system, and help protect the lives of those we love most,” Ducey said. “It’s important to emphasize that there are no plans to shut down grocery stores. People should continue to buy what you need for a week’s worth of groceries. I’m grateful to everyone making adjustments to fight this virus and protect others. Arizona will get through this, and we’ll do it together.”

Under Ducey’s executive order, Arizonans must limit their time away from their place of residence or property, except:

  • To conduct or participate in essential activities
  • To volunteer or participate in essential functions for employment
  • To utilize any services or products provided by essential business services
  • To conduct business for employment if a sole proprietor or family owned business and work is conducted in a separate office space from the home, and the business is not open to serve the public.

For more information on what businesses are deemed essential, click here or here for information in Spanish.


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