Photos: This Is What Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale Look Like During COVID-19 Social Distancing

By Alicia Barrón

April 20, 2020

Gov. Doug Ducey said Arizona will reopen when it’s “safe to do so.”

At this time of the year in the Valley of the Sun, residents enjoy Arizona’s near-perfect weather with spring in full bloom.

With social distancing orders in place, however, residents in Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale are staying indoors — leaving some of the Valley’s busiest areas eerily quiet.

At places like the Tempe Town Lake, crowds converge throughout the year for many big events, and residents spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoor recreation and ambiance.

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Photo courtesy of Tempe Tourism

But not right now.

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There are very few people out due to the stay-at-home order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak — although some people are defying the order to protest reopening the economy despite healthcare and scientific advice to the contrary.

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Despite protests, people in Tempe continue to socially isolate as they ride out this pandemic.

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Hikers, on the other hand, continue to take to the trails despite encouragement to stay away for social distancing. Here are a few people at the popular attraction known as “Hole in the Park” at Papago Park.

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CopperCourier0324 11

The parking lot at Papago Park was full.

CopperCourier0324 10
CopperCourier0324 20

Like residents in Tempe though, Old Town Scottsdale residents are taking the stay-at-home measure seriously. This area is usually visibly busy with tourists and local shoppers to the point that it’s difficult to find a parking spot.

CopperCourier0324 13

Normally, outside of the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, shoppers have to circle the parking lot to find one.

CopperCourier0324 14

Now it’s almost empty.

CopperCourier0324 26

One of the few pedestrians in the area wore a face mask.

CopperCourier0324 16

In Downtown Phoenix, the streets, usually bustling with walking and biking pedestrians, concerts, sporting events, and regular shoppers, bar, and restaurant patrons, remain still.

CopperCourier0324 21
CopperCourier0324 24

The parking lots here are almost empty as well.

CopperCourier0324 22

People have problems finding parking on a normal day, but not now.

CopperCourier0324 23

Although times remain uncertain, social distancing is essential to flatten the curve.

CopperCourier0324 25

Gov. Doug Ducey said Arizona will reopen its economy when it’s “safe to do so.”

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