Gov. Ducey Is Now the Most Unpopular Governor in America

By Alicia Barrón

July 14, 2020

Recent polling shows Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s approval rates have taken a steep fall since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to OH Predictive Insights, Ducey’s approval numbers are in a freefall as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to rise. OH Predictive Insights delivers unbiased market research and targeted data to prompt actionable change. 

The study revealed voters’ concern levels are as high as they were in May, when Ducey issued the state stay-at-home order.

Two-thirds of Arizonans say they are either moderately or extremely worried about the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 2,240 residents so far. 

In fact, roughly 63 percent of Arizona voters gave Ducey poor marks on his response to the pandemic so far. The governor had a broad performance approval of 59-37 back at the beginning of June, most of which he is slowly losing. Now a monthly poll released by OH Predictive Insights of 600 likely Arizona voters has him upside down 35-63.

OHPI Chief of Research Mike Noble said in a statement, “As goes the coronavirus so goes Doug Ducey’s fortunes among Arizona voters. When the outbreak was being contained, Ducey was popular. Now that cases are on the rise, his disapproval rating is too.”

While a recent poll found that a majority of governors have seen their approval rating drop since April, Ducey’s approval is the lowest out of any governor in the country. Ducey is also the only governor who is less popular in their home state than President Donald Trump.

“Arizona presents a particularly notable case with respect to approval of executive response to COVID-19,” the report says. “[Gov. Ducey’s] case offers a cautionary tale of the rapid interplay of politics, policy, and outcomes in the COVID era.”

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