Maricopa County is hiring over 2,000 workers for the 2024 primary election

Maricopa County elections job openings

Image courtesy The Maricopa County Elections Department ballot processing livestream.

By Robert Gundran

May 2, 2024

You can register to vote or check your voter registration at the Maricopa County Elections website.

Maricopa County is hiring over 2,000 temporary workers for the 2024 July primary elections.

The primary election is on July 30, but the county is already looking to hire people so they can be onboarded in advance of the elections. Arizona’s primary election is a way for voters to determine which Republicans and Democrats will run in the November general election.

Maricopa County is looking to hire 1,500 poll workers, plus 500 more people to work operating early voting, tabulations, and other parts of the elections process.

Here are some of the positions Maricopa County is hiring for:

  • Poll worker
  • Warehouse driver
  • Technical support
  • Ballot couriers
  • Clerks
  • Recruiters
  • Tabulation staff
  • Ballot processing boards
  • Hotline support staff

Positions can last from a few days to a few months. The positions come with hourly pay ranging from $14.35 to $21 an hour, plus a $1,250 incentive to eligible workers.

Election worker applicants must be registered to vote, pass a background check, and be willing to work with members of all political parties.

You can register to vote or check your voter registration at the Maricopa County Elections website. The deadline to register is 29 days before an election. That’s July 1 for the primary election and Oct. 7 for the general election.

Maricopa Elections is holding an in-person hiring event on May 3 at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Training Center Auditorium in Phoenix. You can also apply online.

Interviews will be held from 10 p.m. to noon and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Click here for more information on working the primary election.


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