The Copper Courier Voter Guide: Arizona’s 21st Legislative District

By Camaron Stevenson

September 15, 2020

2020 is an election year like no other. The Copper Courier has the information you need to participate in Arizona’s November election, no matter how you choose to do so. As part of our efforts to help voters feel informed as the November election approaches, we’re creating an overview of local races throughout the state, along with access to tools Arizonans need to find out how to vote, who will be on their ballot, and what they can do to participate in the upcoming election.

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Arizona House of Representatives

*Candidate bios have been written by the candidates and submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State.

The Copper Courier Voter Guide: Arizona's 21st Legislative District
Photo courtesy Kathy Knecht campaign

Kathy Knecht, D-Peoria

Key Issues


  • Creating sustainable funding for Arizona’s education system
  • Increase educator pay
  • Shift tax burden away from local property owners


  •  Incentivize businesses in the technology and medical centers to open offices in the west valley
  • Offer opportunities for workers to develop professional skills

Health Care

  • Expand access to medical services in District 20
  • Supports legislation that will lower the cost of prescription drugs


Kathy Knecht is an independent thinker who puts people over politics. She answers to the people in her district, not to outside special interests.

A well-established community leader, Kathy is a champion for public education, the military, economic development, and access to affordable health care. Kathy and her retired businessman husband have two successful, adult daughters. She cares for her mother, who lives in a nearby senior community.

Kathy’s experience as a teacher, school board member, and director of a non-profit corporation has equipped her to lead during challenging times and to make difficult decisions to ensure people are protected and investments are smart.

Often described as hard-working and “practically everywhere,” Kathy is dedicated to serving our community. She has served on numerous non-profit boards of directors affecting positive change for seniors, the arts and culture, transportation, workforce development, domestic violence, graduating seniors, and teachers.

Her innovative thinking will help Arizona emerge from our current crisis, rebuild our economy, and become a better place for all of us. Kathy will work across the aisle and across Arizona to ensure a brighter future for the citizens of our beloved state.

The Copper Courier Voter Guide: Arizona's 21st Legislative District

Beverly Pingerelli, R-Peoria

Key Issues


  • Supports the construction of a border wall at the U.S.-Mexico border
  • Opposes sanctuary cities


  • Opposes minimum wage laws
  • Supports allowing businesses to withhold services from customers based on religious beliefs

Health Care

  • Supports ban on abortions, only allowing the procedure if the life of the mother is at risk
  • Opposes government involvement in the health care industry


My husband Peter and I have been married 31 years and are blessed to have two beautiful daughters. I grew up in the Metropolitan Detroit area and, we have lived in Arizona for the past 16 years.

I have served on the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board for the past five years. I work at Grand Canyon University, and occasionally part-time at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. I have decided to run for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 21. If elected,

I will represent my constituents by supporting: Economic growth for the state of Arizona through responsible tax and regulatory reforms; Individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution; The sanctity of life; Strong border security; Legislation to lower drug prices and transparency in medical billing; Legislation and reform promoting a “back to basics approach” in public and charter schools – reading, math, history of the United States of America and expanding opportunities for career technical education in Arizona high schools.

The Copper Courier Voter Guide: Arizona's 21st Legislative District
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Kevin Payne, R-Peoria

Key Issues


  • Invest in Arizona’s infrastructure
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork associated with creating a business


No biography provided.

The Copper Courier Voter Guide: Arizona's 21st Legislative District


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