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Lawmakers Weigh in on Extending Unemployment Benefits

We reached out to members of Arizona's House of Representatives to see if they support additional legislation to help unemployed Arizonans.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.
Women’s Health Advocates Respond to Rep. Blackman’s Attacks on Women’s Reproductive Rights

The state lawmaker made several unfounded claims regarding reproductive rights in a recent video posted on social media.

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McSally Has Voted Over And Over With McConnell — But Now She Won’t Say If She Supports Him

Sen. Martha McSally often toes the party line, but hasn't yet said which Republican she'll support to lead the Senate should her party maintain a majority.

‘No Logic to This:’ Michael Crow Speaks Out Against New ICE Policy

The policy requires foreign students to take in-person classes in order to retain their visa, forcing some students to choose between health and education.

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COVID Cases Are Rising Across Arizona. Yet Rep. Bolick Still Opposes Mail-In Voting.

Bolick has joined a task force that aims to purge voter rolls and stop ballots from being automatically mailed to voters.

WATCH: McSally Says Women in the Military Get Pregnant to Skirt Deployment

A video has resurfaced from 2007 of Sen. McSally giving a lecture where she claimed some servicewomen would seek out pregnancy as a way to avoid deployment.

Brenda Barton, a candidate running for the Legislative District 6, has incorrectly stated on her website that she is endorsed by the Arizona Nurses Association.
GOP Candidates Are Losing the Support of Healthcare Workers

Republican opposition to the recommendations of medical experts during the coronavirus pandemic is costing them the support of healthcare workers.