Arizona Votes: Alan Caballeros

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Alan Caballero voted early while volunteering at a community event for Our Voice, Our Vote. In 2020, he dedicated time to register and help people vote.

For Alan, this election is personal. The pandemic affected his employment and will impact his fiancée, who is an educator in Phoenix. With Prop. 208 on the ballot, the results of this election could drastically alter their quality of life.

“Voting does affect people’s lives,” he said, reflecting on his choices. “I’m here to vote for what I think it’s right.”

Caballero says his choice to vote yes on Prop 208 is because the positive impact he believes it will have on Arizona’s education system, as well as the teachers and staff whose lives will improve with increased education funding.

His community is educators, friends, and fellow volunteers fighting for what they stand for.

“I’ve seen a change,” Caballero said, noting that in 2016, he felt people voted for a political party. To him, this election is different because organizations are pushing to vote for the community. “It is the people making this movement,” he added.

With a new president, Alan hopes the next four years shift the spotlight on education, universal healthcare, and a humane immigration process.

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