Arizona Votes: Maria Castro

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Maria Castro is voting for her family.

As a community organizer, Maria focused her work on many issues. Voting, she said, “is the most strategic thing” she can do to have power over her life.

“There isn’t a candidate I can say I am proud to give my vote to,” Maria said. “But it’s a matter of survival, and as an organizer, it’s a matter of picking our opponent.”

A major concern for Maria is the presidential race. Her husband is a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and her mom is undocumented.

“It can change my entire family dynamic,” said Maria.

Locally, she is following the senate race closely, noting Martha McSally was not elected by Arizonans; “she has this stolen opportunity to represent,” she added, “this is why I voted for Mark Kelly.”

Maria mentioned Latinos are not only concerned with immigration, “as people of color, we care about health care, about police brutality, and unemployment,” she said, “and this election impacts these issues.”

She also recognized the shift happening in Arizona has been years of work by organizers and activists. In this election, Maria hopes to see the change reflected in results. 

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