8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 

8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 

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By Teresa K. Traverse

February 28, 2023

Still working on your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? Or maybe you need a jumpstart to get back on the train?

Luckily, there are plenty of places in metro Phoenix where you can exercise. Here are eight boutique fitness studios where you can get in a unique workout. 



8870 N. 90th St., Suite 106, in Scottsdale 


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo courtesy of Bodypolitik)

North Scottsdale’s Bodypolitik offers a unique mix of both Versa climbing machine and Lagree Fitness classes. Lagree Fitness involves using a megaformer—a machine that utilizes a pulley system and your own body weight—to provide resistance training. Exercises are performed slowly for about 1-2 minutes each to fatigue, tone, and strengthen muscles. 

Versa climbing machines mimic the motion of climbing—using your hands and legs at once—for a full-body workout. The studio is dark, but features bright LED lights and heart-pumping music for an intense, 30-minute workout. Customers can take both classes or just pick one that bests suits their fitness goals and preferences. 

Pro tip: If you’re taking a Lagree Fitness class, don’t forget to bring socks. They’re required. 

The Madison Improvement Club 

Three locations in metro Phoenix 


The Madison Improvement Club has three locations in metro Phoenix and describes its indoor cycling classes as having a “Party on a Bike” atmosphere. What does that mean exactly? Look forward to spinning in a dark room with a variety of colorful lights as the upbeat music pumps through the speakers. 

Spinning not your thing? The Madison’s Phoenix location also offers athletic, high-energy yoga classes along with Silver Sneakers classes for those aged 60 and older. 

Desert Mvmt 

4515 N. 16th St., #11, in central Phoenix


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo courtesy of Desert Mvmt)

Desert Mvmt is a central Phoenix fitness studio that focuses on barre classes. Barre is a low-impact exercise method that takes inspiration from ballet. Desert Mvmt features four types of classes and occasionally throws specialty classes (like breathwork) into the mix.

The Align class incorporates 2-5 pound weights along with resistance bands and core sliders. Sculpt includes similar movements to Align, in addition to cardio and strength exercises. Strength is a weight-training class that utilizes heavy weights to work those muscles. The Stretch class is a slow-moving sequence of exercises intend to increase flexibility and alignment. 

The vibe: The studio has Instagram-ready aesthetics. Think a neutral color palette, spacious lounge area outfitted with comfy lounge chairs near the entrance, and wood bars that separate the studio from the lounge area. 

D1 Training

13402 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite B-150, in Scottsdale


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo courtesy of D1 Training)

National chain D1 Training’s 7,000-square-foot Scottsdale facility features a state-of-the-art equipment like strength and cardio machines, free weights, and resistance bands so customers can get in a good, full-body workout. The studio also features artificial turf where customers can work on speed, agility, and power.

Founded in 2001 by former NFL player Will Bartholomew, the business started franchising in 2017. Elite pro athletes like Tim Tebow, Von Miller, Chris Paul, and Peyton Manning are all franchisees.

Kids can take classes and are grouped by age: “Rookie” (7 to 11), “Developmental” (12 to 14), and “Prep” (15 to 18). D1 also hosts boot camps and strength-training groups for adults. Families can even take family training classes where they can all work out together, provided their kids are ages 7 or older. 

Fun fact: D1 stands for Division 1—the highest level of collegiate athletics. 

OHM Fitness 

15029 N. Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale 


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo by Photo Fusion Studio in Phoenix, AZ,

OHM Fitness is part of a national fitness chain. One of its signature features? A wearable suit that utilizes electro-muscle stimulation to provide a more effective workout. Strap into the black bodysuit and take one of three classes that are all 25 minutes long at the Scottsdale outpost. The Strong Vibrations class focuses mainly on strength via resistance training and compound exercises. The Sculpt & Sweat features muscle-sculpting cardio exercises. Stretch & Flow is a vinyasa-style yoga flow class. 

Post exercise, customers can recuperate in red-light therapy rooms. 

The Workshop Pilates

8240 N. Hayden Road, Suite B-107, in Scottsdale


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo courtesy of The Workshop)

Located in McCormick Ranch, The Workshop offers small (10-person max) group classes on the Pilates Reformer. The studio is spacious and light-filled. Customers move on reformer machines outfitted with a pulley system that uses bodyweight to provide resistance and may use weights and other props during their workouts. All classes are 50 minutes long.

In the Move class, clients will “work through all planes of movement.” In Circuit, customers perform a set of exercises on the equipment and also utilize props and then repeat the circuit. In Elevate, expect to perform strength exercises and get in a good cardio workout via floor exercises and a jumpboard attached to the reformer. Melt is a relaxed class where participants stretch out on the machine in a low-light studio while soft, soothing music plays. 

Fun fact: True to its name, The Workshop hosts a variety of specialty workshops. 


1819 N. Scottsdale Road in Tempe 


8 metro Phoenix boutique fitness studios where you can get in shape 
(Photo courtesy of KBX PHX)

Tempe’s kickboxing studio KBX PHX has a highly skilled founder. The studio was started by Jade Hwang, a taekwondo master and the first woman inducted into the Korean Sports Hall of Fame. Look forward to kickboxing classes deeply rooted in martial arts. The studio’s website says that you don’t need to have any experience. As of press time, your first workout is free. 

Fun fact: KBX also offers classes for individuals over age 50 and for kids, too. 

The Collective 

213 N. Gilbert Road in downtown Gilbert 


Downtown Gilbert’s The Collective offers four types of fitness classes including cycling, strength, endurance, and mobility. Spinning can help improve your heart health. Endurance classes incorporate HIIT or high-intensity interval training to boost cardiovascular health and metabolism using intervals that alternate from high and low intensity. Participants may use a variety of machines like a Rogue bike or a rower in these classes. Strength classes incorporate weight training movements like push, pull, hinge, and squat movements to build muscle. Mobility is incorporated at the start and end of each class, and the studio offers a weekly mobility class that may reduce injury risk and improve athletic performance.  

News: The Fit Collective is slated to open another location this spring at The Epicenter, a mixed-use space at Gilbert’s Agritopia. 


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