We Asked, You Answered: The 6 Best Bakeries in Arizona

Best Bakeries in Arizona

Photo courtesy of Beyond Bread

By Copper Courier Staff

December 21, 2023

Whether we’re going for cookies or cupcakes, bread or brownies, we can’t resist a great bakery. And with the holidays in full swing, we thought this was the perfect time to ask our readers for their favorites.

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Thankfully, they had a few suggestions – even if they couldn’t all agree. We’ve narrowed their selections to a half dozen of the most popular options for you.

Best Bakery in Arizona: La Estrella Bakery

La Estrella Bakery

Photo courtesy of La Estrella Bakery

Tucked away off of Main in Mesa is the part convenience store, part fresh bakery La Estrella. It’s a local hotspot known for their baked fresh daily pastries and friendly familiar faces.

Inside the panaderia, past the rows of chips, coolers, candy, and other snacks, is the large glass case filled to the brim with coyotas, croissants, orejas, conchas, and many more of the classic Mexican pastries. There’s also a hutch at the center of the store with specialty, colorful cookies and sweet breads. We recommend the custard-filled pan fino – it packs a soft crunch, it’s full of gushy sweetness, and it costs less than $2.

Best Bakery in northern Arizona: Westside Lilo’s Cafe

A Route 66 staple, Westside Lilo’s in Seligman is a classic roadside diner with roots going back to the 1960s and cinnamon rolls the size of a spare tire.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the cafe offers a broad menu of home-cooked meals. But none of those meals would be complete without a slice of Lilo’s crowd-pleasing carrot cake.

Best Bakery in Tucson: Beyond Bread Bakery & Cafe

Beyond Bread

Photo courtesy of Beyond Bread

This shop might be called Beyond Bread, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take artisan bread seriously. You can pick up a staple like cinnamon raisin or focaccia any day of the week, or grab one of their daily specials like chocolate babka on Fridays or marble rye on Sundays.

But, as the bakery says, “Bread is just the beginning.” They offer plenty of pastries to satisfy any sweet tooth, from chocolate mousse torte to key lime tart.

Best Bakery in Yuma: Goldsboro Bakery

It’s hard to think of a better way to start the day than with a fresh donut and cup of great coffee. That’s what you get with Goldsboro Bakery, in addition to just about any sweet your heart desires.

If you need a cake or pie or cookie tray for your next party in Yuma, our readers think Goldsboro is the obvious choice.

Best Bakery in the Phoenix Area: La Purisima Bakery

A Glendale hotspot with vibrant artwork on the side of the bright blue building is La Purisima Bakery. Known for its vast selection, the popular panaderia does not disappoint with its many cases of sweets, pastries, and freshly baked goods.

Some of the most notable are the multi-flavored and multi-colored conchas across the shelves, and the wide variety of sweet empanadas with flavors like apple, strawberry, sweet cream, and pina. Feeling overwhelmed? A top pick is the danés de fresa.

Honorable mention: Essence Bakery

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