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As Public Schools Prep, Private Schools Are Already in Session

A delayed state plan on reopening schools has led to a patchwork of approaches by school administrators and educators.

Photo courtesy the Center for International Education at NAU.
ICE Removes In-Person Class Requirement for Foreign Students

Three of Arizona’s public universities joined lawsuits against a new rule that would have put thousands of international student’s visas in jeopardy.

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Hoffman Sides With Educators, Suggests Pushing Back In-Person Learning Start Date

A series of educator-led protests highlight the unease felt by many around opening classrooms while the coronavirus continues to surge through the state.

Arizona Parents, Teachers Stress Need to Open Schools Safely, Not Quickly

It's been five months since classrooms were closed in Arizona, but many parents and teachers feel it's still too soon to safely reopen schools.

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Educators Say It Will Take ‘Miracles’ or ‘a Magic Wand’ to Get Schools Ready in Time

Schools are scheduled to begin online learning in a few weeks, but educators say they need more time to prepare.

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Arizona Hospitals Convert Entire Floors Into COVID-19 Wards as Cases Surge

Surging numbers of COVID-19 cases have pushed some Arizona hospitals to their limits in recent weeks, and health experts say something needs to be done.

memorial day
Reopening Grand Canyon Is ‘a Recipe for Disaster,’ Critics Say

The national park is temporarily reopening for Memorial Day Weekend.