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Alberto Mariani/Cronkite News
‘I Instantly Knew He Was Dead’: Drug Overdoses Surge During Pandemic, Piling Tragedy Upon Tragedy

At least 87,000 people died of a drug overdose from September 2019-2020—the most deaths in a single year. It was a Tuesday afternoon, two months into the pandemic, when Theresa Guerrero got the call from her brother-in-law: Her son, Jacob, had been found unresponsive. She was standing in the middle of a Ross store in...

Alberto Mariani/Cronkite News
Here’s What Experts Say Will Really Build Trust In Vaccines

Just 47% of Hispanics and 30% of Blacks said in a survey they would get the COVID-19 vaccine, compared with 55% of whites. As the daughter of a medical technician, Hanna Hyland was raised to put her faith in science. But Hyland, 18, also was raised as a person of color in a country with...