Despite a recent uptick in the population, the monarch butterfly is still endangered. The Desert Botanical Garden’s Majestic Mariposas exhibit runs March 4 through May 14. (Photo courtesy of Desert Botanical Garden)
Desert Botanical Garden Nurtures Endangered Monarchs at Majestic Mariposas Exhibit

Butterflies are back at the Desert Botanical Garden, which has been working for years to help boost the still-endangered monarch butterfly’s population.

Republicans Push to Make Middle and High Schools Offer Firearms Training

The program, derived from a National Rifle Association task force, would require schools offering firearms training to have NRA representatives be part of the task force.

Threatened Narrow-Headed Garter Snake Gets Help From the Phoenix Zoo

“These narrow-headed garter snakes are Arizonans just like you and me, but their future in our state is uncertain, and they need our help.”