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Brenda Barton, a candidate running for the Legislative District 6, has incorrectly stated on her website that she is endorsed by the Arizona Nurses Association.
GOP Candidates Are Losing the Support of Healthcare Workers

Republican opposition to the recommendations of medical experts during the coronavirus pandemic is costing them the support of healthcare workers.

Graphic via Desirée Tapia
The GOP Wants to Repeal the ACA During a Pandemic. Democrats Are Trying to Expand Coverage.

If the Affordable Care Act is struck down, tens of millions of Americans would lose coverage and protections for pre-existing conditions.

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‘We Didn’t Know How Long This Was Going to Last’: Nurses in Flagstaff COVID Ward Speak Out

Nurses and doctors on the front lines have had to restructure every action and routine of both their work and personal lives because of the virus.

Photo courtesy of St. Mary's Food Bank
Nearly 600 Tuba City Families Fed From Record-Setting Food Donation

St. Mary’s Food Bank delivered 125,000 pounds of food in a record-setting donation delivery to the Navajo Nation in Tuba City — one of the hardest hit populations in the COVID-19 pandemic.

navajo nation sisters died COVID-19
Two Heroes: The Navajo Nation Mourns Sisters Who Both Died From COVID-19 in April

Sisters Corrina and Cheryl Thinn, who served their community, tragically passed away in April as a result of COVID-19.

Arizona GOP
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Tells ReOpen Protesters to ‘Wear Scrubs And Masks’

GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward is encouraging all ‘Reopen America’ protesters to dress up like healthcare workers in scrubs and masks.

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Have COVID-19 Symptoms? Arizona State Fairgrounds Now Has Testing

Phoenix residents experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can now get tested at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, but they still need to call first.