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How Two Arizona Senators Are Approaching The Coronavirus Outbreak

Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally's approach to leadership during a national health crisis couldn’t be more different.

Banner Health Opens Drive-Thru Testing. Insurance Not Required

Tests take 5-20 minutes to perform, and patients must call in advance.

McSally Can’t Make up Her Mind on Health Care

The junior senator’s recent decisions surrounding health care have prompted Rep. Ruben Gallego to accuse McSally of looking out for corporations over people.

town hall
It’s Been Three Years Since Sen. Martha McSally’s Last Town Hall Appearance

A local group is hosting an empty chair town hall for McSally, where Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego will answer questions on her behalf.

pre-existing conditions
These Lawmakers Want Insurers to Charge People With Pre-existing Conditions Whatever They Want

A law meant to protect pre-existing conditions has no limits on what insurance companies can charge for pre-existing coverage.

High Healthcare Costs
Steep Healthcare Costs Pushing Arizona Seniors Into Financial Hardship

A local  senior discusses her struggle to keep up with out-of-pocket healthcare costs. In October 2018, Chandler resident Christine Castillo faced a dilemma many other retirees find themselves in. The company she worked for since retiring from a state job in 2007 had no plans of renewing her work contract, so she had no choice...