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Immigration Judges Say Their Courts Are a Health Hazard and Should Be Closed

Lawyers worry their detained clients could contract the coronavirus while awaiting trial.

A naturalization ceremony | Image via Shutterstock
DOJ Opens Office Dedicated to Stripping Immigrants of Citizenship

A Justice Department official said the new section would prioritize naturalized Americans who have committed serious violations of law, but critics worry denaturalization could be used broadly.

The Guy Who Gave Migrants Water Finally Has Charges Against Him Dropped

The decision to drop charges lifts the weight of legal troubles off of Warren’s shoulders for the first time in nearly three years.

McSally Ties Her Success to Trump’s as Polling Numbers Plummet

Mark Kelly makes gains in Senate race, sacred site desecrated by border wall construction, and list of ethics complaints at state Capitol grows: it's news you can use.

Photo courtesy Arizona PBS.
PBS Kids Day is Sold Out. Here’s How You Can Get Tickets.

Weekend events and Valentine's treats: it's news you can use.

GOP Boss Clears Room Instead of Listening to Concerns About Racism of Proposal

Activists were removed from the Capitol after speaking against a resolution that they claim allows racial profiling among law enforcement.

Trump Proposed Rate Hike Puts 50,000 Arizonans at Risk

The Trump Administration's proposed immigration/citizenship fee rate hike will impact immigrants seeking to stay in Arizona and U.S. lawfully.