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Phoenix Residents Could See Water Bill Increases Coming Soon

The Phoenix Water Services Department is proposing a phased rate increase to address the rising cost of water and water treatment and to encourage conservation.

Maria Reyes pumps gas at a Phoenix station. Gas prices at the 76 gas station in central Phoenix were $4.89 for regular, $5.39 for premium and $4.49 for diesel when paying with a credit card. (Photo by Sierra Alvarez/Cronkite News)
Gas Guzzler: Gas Prices Jump in Arizona to $4+ and Rising

The average price of gas in Arizona is roughly 78 cents more expensive than the national average.

Daiso in Chandler. (Photo by Robert Gundran)
5 Fun Items We Found at Japanese Discount Store Daiso in Chandler

Japanese discount store Daiso has over 5,000 locations across the world, with this Chandler location being the first in Arizona.

Women Workers: Here Are Tools to Get the Pay You Deserve

Looking for ways to end women's pay inequity? Here are some resources that may help.

Coins and collectibles are often found in abandoned safe deposit boxes. After a waiting period, these items are auctioned off at the Arizona Department of Revenue unclaimed property auction. The viewing day for auction items this year took place in Phoenix on Jan. 27, 2023, at Sierra Auction Management in Phoenix. (Photo by Izabella Hernandez/Cronkite News)
Staking a Claim: Annual Unclaimed Property Auction in Arizona Draws Bargain Hunters

Once a year, the Arizona Department of Revenue auctions off unclaimed property that is abandoned in safe deposit boxes around the state.

Student debt relief advocates gather outside the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, ahead of arguments over President Joe Biden's student debt relief plan. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
The Supreme Court Is Hearing Arguments About Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Plan on Tuesday. Here’s What You Need to Know

About 90% of the benefits from Biden's plan will go to families earning less than $75,000 according to the White House, but a group of Republican-led states have sued to block it.

US President Joe Biden announces student loan relief with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (R) on August 24, 2022 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC. - Biden announced that most US university graduates still trying to pay off student loans will get $10,000 of relief to address a decades-old headache of massive educational debt across the country. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)
Biden’s New Student Loan Repayment Plan Would Help Millions of Working and Middle-Class Americans 

Under the new plan, borrowers who earn less than roughly $30,600 a year would owe $0 a month on their federal student loans, effectively pausing them. A borrower who’s in a family of four and makes less than roughly $62,400 would also see their payments paused.