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PHOENIX, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 05: Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs (C) greets attendees during a Teamsters picnic at Encanto Park on November 05, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. With three days to go before election day, Arizona democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs continues to campaign across the state as she faces a tight race against Trump endorsed republican candidate Kari Lake. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Contraception Now Available Over the Counter at Arizona Pharmacies

Gov. katie Hobbs, who signed the executive order Thursday, said it applies to self-administered contraceptives, and patients 18 or older need only complete a screening and a blood pressure test.

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Arizona Providers Confident Abortions Will Continue Despite Court Challenges

Arizona health care providers are confident they will be able to continue providing safe abortions, even as courts tangle over an order that could halt distribution of a key abortion medication.

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Orden podría detener distribución de medicamento abortivo

Los proveedores de atención médica de Arizona tienen confianza de que podrán continuar brindando abortos seguros, incluso cuando los tribunales discuten una orden que podría detener la distribución de un medicamento clave para el aborto.

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Breaking: Gov. Hobbs Vetoes Personhood Bill That Would Have Further Criminalized Abortion

Personhood laws aim to outlaw abortion by redefining “person” to include fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses.

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Arizonans Need the Hobbs Administration To Keep the Foot on the Gas for Reproductive Freedom

OPINION: While many in the “pro-life” camp argue that banning abortions is the only way to protect life, in cases like mine, denying access to abortion is anything but.

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Family Planning Program To Expand Services to 30,000 People Under Hobbs’ Proposal

Hobbs’ budget to match federal funding for Title X, a family planning program, which will increase the program’s funding to $12 million.

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Arizona Abortions Will Continue Until at Least Mid-November

Abortions in Arizona will continue until at least mid-November, although still limited in scope due to a ban on the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy, passed by the Republican-led state Legislature.