We found the best bang-for-your-buck steakhouse in Phoenix

Exterior of TEXAZ Grill, the best affordable steakhouse in Phoenix

Photo courtesy of TEXAZ Grill

By Copper Courier Staff

April 18, 2024

Welcome to Phoenix, where the sun is hot and the steaks are even hotter! For meat lovers on a budget, finding the perfect restaurant can be a challenge. That’s why we went on a search for a top-tier steakhouse that won’t break the bank. Here’s what we found.

TEXAZ Grill: High Quality, Low Prices

TEXAZ Grill is where Phoenix meat lovers gather to indulge in affordable, mouthwatering dishes that pay homage to classic steakhouse favorites while embracing the culinary trends of today. Dating back to 1985, the TEXAZ Grill was founded by two friends who originally called the restaurant “Lone Star Steaks.” TEXAZ Grill was the first proper Texas steakhouse of its kind in the Phoenix area.

The TEXAZ Grill specialty is the $24.95 Chicken Fried Steak, a dish that epitomizes the fusion of classic comfort with modern flair. This beloved entree takes a traditional recipe and elevates it with a golden, crispy exterior encasing tender, succulent steak. Served with a side of creamy gravy, this dish is a comforting nod to Southern cuisine with a Texas-sized portion that ensures you’ll leave satisfied without emptying your wallet.

But if you’re looking for a more traditional steak dinner, they’ve got you covered. Jim’s Special (a $36.95 ribeye) is a masterpiece of flavor and tenderness, a hearty cut that’s been carefully aged and expertly grilled to bring out the depth and richness of its taste. It’s the kind of meal that doesn’t just satisfy your hunger; it transports you with every bite, making each meal a memorable occasion.

Another must-try is Freidy’s Filet. Cooked precisely to your preference, it’s a testament to the chefs’ expertise and attention to detail. The perfect sear on the outside gives way to a tender, juicy interior, making every bite a culinary delight.

No matter what cut you choose, you’ll find that each steak is prepared with a level of care and expertise that rivals the city’s pricier establishments. The sides, too, are a testament to the restaurant’s ability to blend tradition with innovation, offering everything from TEXAZ fried potatoes to the classic mashed potatoes and gravy.

This combination of delectable food, warm ambiance, and exceptional service makes TEXAZ Grill a standout choice for those in search of an affordable steakhouse in Phoenix.

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