Klobuchar Wins Iowa Satellite Caucus Goers In Queen Creek And Tucson


Honor Flight; Veterans of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam visit the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC; Senator (MN) Amy Klobuchar greets veterans visiting Washington, DC from Minnesota and North Dakota

By Harrison Mantas

February 4, 2020

Plus two other Tuesday headlines.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D. Minn., received the most votes in two of the four Iowa satellite caucuses taking place in Queen Creek and Tucson, Arizona, according to the Arizona Republic.

In Queen Creek, Klobuchar received 54 votes followed by former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 41, former Vice President Joe Biden, with 33, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 31. 

At the Flowing Wells Public Library in northwest Tucson, Klobuchar received 21 votes, followed by Biden with 16, Warren and Sanders with 12, and Buttigieg with 11.

The Republic reported that the Arizona satellite caucuses were made up of mostly older caucasian voters who had registered to vote in the Hawkeye State before flying the coop to Arizona for the winter.

The satellites were part of a larger network of 99 caucuses worldwide- 71 in Iowa, 25 out-of-state, and three international according to information from the Iowa Democratic Party. This is the second time the Iowa Democratic Party has used satellite caucuses in a Presidential election. The Iowa Republican Party did not hold caucuses outside of Iowa.

Democratic Party Caucus results from within Iowa were not reported as scheduled last night. Iowa Democratic Party Officials delayed the release citing reporting issues with a new smartphone app, Shadow, used to tabulate the results. The party said they will announce the results Tuesday. [Editor’s note: The non-profit ACRONYM is an investor in Shadow. ACRONYM is also an investor in Courier Newsroom.]

Election Complaint Bill Comes to the Arizona House

While frustrated caucus-goers wait for the Iowa Democratic Party to post the results, a panel of the Arizona Legislature will debate a bill about election complaints in Arizona.

H.B. 2268 from Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, outlines the process for citizens who want to lodge a complaint to the state Attorney General. The bill stipulates the A.G. may designate a representative to investigate the complaint while the polling place is still in operation.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Arizona House Elections Committee Tuesday, and if it passes would go to the full legislature for a vote. 

Iowa Freeze Comes to Arizona

Iowa’s émigrés in the Copper State awoke to a taste of home this morning with the National Weather Service issuing freeze warnings for Phoenix, and hard freeze warnings from Casa Grande to just south of Tucson.

The NWS says Wednesday morning will be the coldest with temperatures in the low 30s. Tuesday and Wednesday freeze warnings will last until 9 am both days. Weather.com reported the temperature in Phoenix was 34 degrees at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. 

The NWS advises residents to keep pets indoors and protect any temperature sensitive plants. ADOT is also warning drivers to take caution with potentially frozen roads.




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