Rescue Teams Begin Day Two of Search for Missing Hiker by Roosevelt Lake

Rescue Teams Begin Day Two of Search for Missing Hiker by Roosevelt Lake

By Camaron Stevenson

February 24, 2020

Plus two more weather trends to track this week.

Heavy rain throughout Gila County over the weekend has left at least one missing, as County officials continue to search for an individual who disappeared near Roosevelt Lake Saturday night.

Two individuals were canyoneering in Bull Canyon Saturday, according to reports by ABC 15, when the area was hit with flash flooding. One of the climbers was able to hike to safety and alerted the authorities, but the Gila County Sheriff’s Office stated that severe weather conditions kept them from sending out a search party until the next morning.

Roads and basin crossings throughout the county were closed Saturday night, as ongoing storms flooded the pathways. Despite crossing closures, multiple vehicles got stuck in the floodwaters after attempting to drive through. The National Weather Service’s (NWS) flood warning for the region remains in effect until Monday afternoon.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Swift Water Team commenced searching for the missing climber Sunday morning after storms had subsided. Officials say they will continue to search all day Monday.

Those interested in helping with the search must first check-in with the Sheriff’s Office by calling (928) 467-2515, or by 9 a.m. in-person at 28449 N. Highway 188 in Roosevelt on Monday. Volunteers are required to provide their own equipment and supplies.

Weekend rainfall breaks records, closes ballparks

Nearly an inch of rain poured down on Maricopa County Saturday, shattering the 107-year-old record for most rainfall on Feb. 22 of 0.45 inches. The high record-breaking amount of rain prompted transportation officials to offer helpful tips throughout the weekend for drivers navigating on the wet roads.

Disappointment rained down on baseball fans as the weekend weather caused five MLB spring training games to be canceled. Among games canceled was the Arizona Diamondbacks’ standoff with the Colorado Rockies in Scottsdale. 

Heavy snowfall hits northern Arizona

While heavy rains hit Gila and Maricopa County, storms brought a fresh blanket of snow to Flagstaff and the surrounding areas last weekend.

The NWS recorded as much as five inches of snow at Mund’s Mark, with an average of three inches falling throughout Flagstaff. By Sunday morning, the ski resort Snowbowl announced that over a foot of freshly-fallen snow had covered the trails running along Mount Humphreys.

Meteorologist James Sawtelle told the Arizona Republic that the amount of snowfall seen over the weekend is not out-of-the-ordinary for late February. He said the effects will continue to be seen in the spring, and “as the snow melts … some of our reservoirs, streams and rivers will receive some of that runoff.”


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