9 Must-Try Mobile Coffee Bars in Metro Phoenix to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Photo courtesy of SW Grilled Coffee.

By Robert Gundran

April 5, 2023

How does iced horchata with espresso sound? Or coffee with CBD oil? Find these specialities at local coffee trucks.

Food trucks have taken a hold of the Valley food scene, giving small-business owners the chance to share their creations with people across the state without the need for a brick-and-mortar store. 

It also gives foodies a way to try out things they’ve never had before when a new food truck comes to their neighborhood or part of town. 

But some trucks specialize in something other than food: coffee. 

From Avondale to Chandler, here are nine mobile coffee bars where Valley residents can get their caffeine fix:

PHX Grind Coffee

The Hook: PHX Grind Coffee opened two days after the COVID-19 stay at home order was issued. The goal was to bring mobile coffee to Arizonans as many businesses closed their doors. They specialize in iced horchata using espresso. 

Where to find them: Avondale, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale

Price: $3.75 – $7.95

Website: https://www.phxgrindcoffee.com/

Beignet and Coffee Shack

Photo courtesy of The Beignet & Coffee Shack

The Hook: This New Orleans-themed coffee truck serves up iced or hot chicory coffee. It’s a caffeine-free alternative to coffee that was popularized in New Orleans. They also serve beignets and chicken. 

Where to find them: Across the entire Valley—they list their schedule on their Facebook page. 

Price: $4 – $15

Website: https://thebeignetandcoffeeshack.com/

Urban Grounds Coffee Co.

Photo courtesy of Urban Grounds Coffee Co.

The Hook: Urban Grounds Coffee Co. sells their own signature roasts, as well as a weekly cold-brew subscription where they send a half-gallon of cold brew to your door. 

Where to find them: Keep track of where they’re going on their Instagram page, plus they’re at the downtown Phoenix farmer’s market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Price: $4 – $16 

Website: https://www.urbangrounds.cc/

MF Koffee

The Hook: MF Koffee serves coffee that was grown in Arizona. They sell 12-ounce bags of their coffee in decaf, light roast, and dark roast.

Where to find them: Throughout the Valley—find their schedule on their Facebook page. 

Price: $2 – $12

Website: https://www.mfkoffee.com/

Grateful Joe

Photo courtesy of Grateful Joe

The Hook: Grateful Joe has a full menu of coffee, as well as a separate menu for keto drinks. They offer CBD oil add-ons to drinks. 

Where to find them: Chandler and Gilbert 

Price: $3 – $5

Website: Grateful Joe doesn’t have an official website, but they have a Facebook page. 

SW Grilled Coffee

Photo courtesy of SW Grilled Coffee

The Hook: SW Grilled Coffee grills, not roasts, their coffee on demand every day. One dollar from every pound of coffee sold is donated to protecting and restoring the Colorado Plateau. 

Where to find them: Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise—their schedule is available here.

Price: $3 – $6 for single drinks. $16 – $20 for a 12-ounce bag of coffee.

Website: https://www.swgrilledcoffee.com/

Beal Beans

Photo courtesy of Beal Beans

The Hook: Beal Beans say they only buy coffee beans from farms owned by families and co-ops and roast them weekly at their home in Phoenix. 

Where to find them: Throughout the Valley,—keep up with their schedule on Facebook and Instagram.

Price: $13 for a 10-ounce bag of coffee. 

Website: https://www.bealbeans.com/

Hoodoo Brew

Photo courtesy of Hoodoo Brew.

The Hook: Hoodoo Brew is a full-service coffee camper that sells espresso drinks, plant-based energy, and lemonade. 

Where to find them: Mostly the northeast Valley. Keep up with their full schedule on Instagram.

Price: $5.75 – $7.50

Website: Hoodoo Brew doesn’t have an official website, but they have a Facebook page. 

La Vida Coffee + Oats

The Hook: La Vida Oats specializes in vegan coffee. All their drink and food options have no dairy and no gluten. 

Where to find them: Throughout the entire Valley—keep up with their schedule on their website

Price: $3 – $6

Website: https://lavidaoats.com/

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  • Robert Gundran

    Robert Gundran grew up in the Southwest, spending equal time in the Valley and Southern California throughout his life. He graduated from Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2018 and wrote for The Arizona Republic and The Orange County Register.



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